Friday, May 30, 2008
Blog's going dead
HaLo Peps! i jus notice that i only had a post for this year so i came to post one more so it doesnt look so pathetic... Well first week of e hoilday have jus past n i have been going school everyday T.T anyways now Art lessons very stress sia, have to chiong till end of the hoilday.. But there's only myself to blame for not doing much during the first few months of this year. Hahas im looking foward to today night cuz i will be going out with mnd friends to watch a dance concert! Very long time never go out with them lei so i felt very excited =] Well hope that u peps reading this use your time during the holidays wisely! Cya everyone! Bye~!

Saturday, January 19, 2008
Wee~!! Back Posting
Yo! Nothing to do so i came n post.. Quite busy these days, although CCA work has lessen But then my workload has gotten alot heavier! Art haf lots of task n i have to worry about my other subjects as well.. Even if i haf to work extra hard, Ill try! Jus for this 6 months n i can go out and play! After i become the vice-chairperson i haf another things to worry, but thankfully it wasn't alot.. Main thing i my art lah. Stupid O'lvl question, den still got higher art task, haf to write a bloody hell long essay.. Den plus other homework teacher gave us.. Aiya better spent more time on work n playing.. Hahas peps happy studying too!! =] Gd lucks peps!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007
What a week! =]
Hahas. this week i did lots of stuff sia.. Starting frm saturday, go do the cip thing, but shyt sia! Nobody bought our stuff, except fer a few >< But i enjoyed it veri well n ltr we go dota-ing =] den at nite den went hme.. den sunday got tuition.. zZ... Monday went school remedial, yay learn new things! =X Afterwads went lan shop again.. den tuesday go watch evan allmighty! It's abt building a arc thingie.. Nt bad! went to watch wif stan, francis, shi pei, andy, n cheryl. Hahas den wed go out to exhibition fer art stuff, den went out wif arun, james, cheekwun, alicia, me-shell, n cheryl. Thursday is finally here, went to remedial class in sch den after tat went dota again.. sian.. Den friday! Went to sec 2 class gathering with vince, zhenggang, gerald, wee tat, sam see n tan, cheryl, shi pei, xin tian, verona, yan ting, kar yan, lee ying, hui xian, dionne, francis and his bro. We all went to soeul garden to makan! ^^ hahas den ltr walk walk den decided to go james hse lols wanted to book a billard table den inside got two person, syht them sia.. =X But den sad sia my maths tuition starting lei, den no chioce haf to leave them =( so went tuition den go hme slp zZz... Waa Today, morning go fer maths tuition again, but today is a revision class, finally get to noe my semester 1 topics better =D went hme den use com awhile, den started typing this.. ltr gonna go makan dinner den slp lei lors!!! =] Signin off~puff~!

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Thanks Everybody!~
Thanks to all peps that wished me a happy birthday!! =] I had a realli fun day today!! Today still got maths ss n chinese test sia, + get back report book.. So mani things happen today, so fun! maths test and ss easy, but chinese..haiis wan dan lei..=( throughout got ppl say happi bday to me =D During mnd kana target by su lao shi sia, kept asking me repeat wat i did..=( Then after that i went out wif some mnd frens to j8 makan.. go there lei den.. dunno wat the hell to eat, den go yushinoya, the food sux la, den still so expensive... but den later go down to eat 'tian ping' i went to eat yu yuan, lols. Den go home there, met up wif my parents at Hans to eat some more.. =/ ohmigosh, too much food... den i ate ice-cream + some of my family food =P After that went home, bath den down there relax lei lor! Den later on com so wanted to rmb this day so i went here to TYPE!! =) Signin off.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
National Day!!
It's been a VERY long time since i post... hahas. Today is national day! Happy Birthday Singapore!! Now in my mind everything is studies, im gonna focus more on my studies le, today nvr go out, so better use my time wisely.Well i dun have much things so say, so den, wish everyone enjoy today =] Byes!~

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
>< !
Hehes! so long never post lei! Arh... My exam, T.T i wanna cry lei!!! Phew some sub nt bad =) Ekk Today after school, no freedom again lors! cca... =_= First time do on stage, den starting dunno wat happen my leg bleed, den i still dunno so cont dance.. Den i found out my feet red red de, soon my leg kana step by someone! ouch! Both legs ache den all moves did wrongly! After first time, cher dunno my leg pain den scold me say i do wrongly... Grr! Whee, after cca den we went makan at coffee shop, n i ate yummy pork chop! But den found out e chef change lei, this time e chop got so mani fats! >< Later we seperate, vince kel n me went bus stop, others went mrt direction.. When we at e stairs, their 162 jus pass by.. den we went down, so my bus of course came first, but den i forget my bus card bo money! Damit, den nt enough time to borrow money, in e end, e 853 pass by D= Luckily vince went to buy smth to get change fer me so ltr their bus came lei den i veri lonely de sat alone T.T

Thursday, April 19, 2007
Dance Syf...
Arr.. 4 more days.. e practice is getting heavier n heavier! persist on! Today write e journal abt 'I Wish...' Now how i wish our dance will get gold wif honour! Lets do our school proud. Hope everything turns out well~ Good Luck To all syf members including other CCA!! Tml A maths test!! Argh gonna study now lei! Bye guys~

Saturday, March 10, 2007
Bored To Death!
Things nvr change... 4eva mnd, here n there... bo time to enjoy the holiday... 5/7 days mnd... I'hv nth much to say... T.T saturday still nid go learn maths, my maths gonna catch up!!! I believe i can do IT!!! Yeah!!! Kodos To Me! But heng not much homework, phew! Waa Forget, left so mani days n SO mani ART stuff to DO!!! How e heck am i going to Survive?!? D=

Thursday, February 15, 2007
Aww!!! My hair...
Alamak la... Today when to cut hair den now my hair abit slope =_=" Im so toot now... Aiya tml also last day lei... Oh well hope my hair grow bac faster ^^ Happi Chinese new Year Guys!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007
Ahh!!! Damm Sickening!!!
Wdf Sia... Ytd Kana chicken pox!!! Ahh Crap! 1 n a half week cannot go school... Bo pocket Money!! Cannot Go CAMP!!! Ahh Unless i get well in a week =( but i doubt so... At home si bei boring... Cannot even go out, cannot even buy own food!!! Shity Sia!!! =(

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